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How the employee experience affects the customer experience


‘A company doesn’t decide how to treat clients, it can only decide how to treat its employees’

That sentence is not ours, but it’s a quotation from Herb Kelleger, the founder of Southwest Airlines. Customer experience depends directly on the level of employee satisfaction. The more committed and involved your team feels with their work, a better experience clients will be perceived. Actually, working on improving your work team has a reward that goes beyond its satisfaction.

Uncommitted workers may involve an extra cost due to loss of productivity. Consequently, benefits will decrease. We don’t affirm that, the idea comes from ‘Companies are missing opportunities for growth and revenue’, a study which has been elaborated by Gallup, the American consulting company.


‘If you take care of your employees, they will take care of you’

We don’t affirm that either. The person who said those words was Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, the British multinational corporation. What I’m asking you is, have you thought if your employees are optimizing the way in which data are recorded? Do you know if your workers are feeling involved with the value of the company in their all daily work processes. Creating clear and simple procedures guides in working spaces generates a satisfactory employee experience. To achieve that, collecting data and reports processes should be as simple, guided and comfortable as possible. That’s to say, these procedures should be designed having every team member in mind. In this way, the team doesn´t interrupt its main tasks. In addition, employees feel that their actions or feedbacks are having an impact in day-to-day company operations.

To respond effectively to information provided by any team member makes team feel valued. Thanks to this, they will continue contributing to the good practices of the company. More and more often, visionary and innovative companies seek to provide a positive employee experience.


Employee experience | Iristrace


In this way, improving employee satisfaction and engagement impacts directly on customers, as they perceive companies through their employees behaviour. We could say, therefore, that providing a good employee experience is almost a business imperative nowadays. It’s a matter of urgency which is much easier to save with the help of new technologies.

In a previous article we said that digital transformation is redefining business models in Spain. This time we talk about the use of Iristrace in the industrial sector. The mobile and web application that allows you to get a work team more committed and involved with its daily working tasks. In addition, Iristrace also helps with business processes management such as:


How can this be carried out with Iristrace?


If you want to know what Iristrace can do for you, get in contact with us. You can also send us an email to We will be pleased to talk to you.



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