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Standardize and template your audits and inspections

By choosing Iristrace as your certification solution, you can ensure that the certification services you provide to your clients adhere to the most recent standards. Utilize our mobile and desktop applications for the seamless execution of audits and checklists, even when on the move or offline.

A flexible tool that adapts to any type of standard

Managing regulatory certification requires the management of extensive sets of data and documentation. Versioning and time stamping play a pivotal role in upholding your company’s accreditation status and meeting rigorous certification process standards. Iristrace is here to help you arrange and securely store documents, reports, spreadsheets, and images associated with your audits and inspections.

Iristrace proudly delivers to certification service providers

Examples of checklists in certification services & Quality Assurance

Main uses and suggestions for the application

Customize templates to record adherence to the established standard

Conduct template-based checks to confirm employees’ compliance with any type of standards. Establish inspection procedures and create templates using a wide range of parameters using Iristrace’s easy-to-use editor without the need for IT specialists.

Faster and more efficient inspections from mobile devices

Discover all the resources you need to advance your inspections in the Iristrace app.

Transition to a paperless business

No matter how complex your forms and checklists are, you can design forms with endless questions and easily answer them from mobile devices by using Iristrace’s robust template editor.

Comprehensive reports seamlessly merge outcomes and visual evidence

Following every inspection, automatically generate tailored reports from collected data. These reports can encompass  images, scores, corrective actions, template versions, dates, and timestamps.

Beyond adhering to standards, regulations or rules, it also yields fresh insights

Harness your own business intelligence tools or utilize the supplied analytical dashboard environment to capitalize on the insights collected during inspections and share them with your clients.

Simultaneously, gather information regarding indicators and KPIs from your inspection processes to enhance the service provided to your customers.

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