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About Us

Helping great brands deliver on their promise since 2014

Helping companies engage their front-line staff, contractors and suppliers to digitize their information collection programs, strengthen their lines of defense and improve their business controls, mitigate risks and enable much more cost-effective auditing.

Recognition and Awards

Since its registration in 2014, Iristrace has received numerous recognitions and awards.


  • Project incubated at StartupBootCamp Amsterdam in 2014.
  • Pitch Winner at Maastricht Entrepreneurship Week


  • IESE Venture Forum as one of the 10 best projects presented in 2015 and 2016
  • Startup with the fastest growth award by El Economista
  • Winner of the BBooster Week in May 2016


  • Best Digital Project 2019 MIA Award
  • Selected as one of the top 6 Startups in GRC by SAP.io
  • Winner of the COMPRENDEDOR awards of Bankia and Empresa y Sociedad in 2019 together with Ohmycut!


  • Winner of the COMPRENDEDOR awards from Bankia and Empresa y Sociedad together with the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona.

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