Iristrace - Inspection, Safety and Checklist Software for Hospitals

Compliance with procedures and quality control in your clinics

It’s crucial to maintain proper control over internal operations at clinics, labs, and hospitals. Iristrace makes it very simple to conduct inspections by standardizing procedures and identifying incidents. Analyze your processes and share data with your team for ongoing process improvement.

Ensuring sustainability, quality, and compliance in the healthcare industry

Quality control in the medical sector is arguably more important than in any other industry. Iristrace helps you improve the security of patients and healthcare professionals through a data-driven digital quality control system.

Iristrace proudly serves the healthcare industry

Popular checklists for medical facilities

Main uses and suggestions for Iristrace

Creating a successful patient safety plan

Design a patient safety strategy with Iristrace that meets your unique requirements. A digital checklist-based system can be used to standardize a number of processes, including:

Hospital Hygiene Management

Your hospital has established a hygiene management plan and needs a tool to monitor and enforce compliance? With Iristrace it is easy to digitalize the plan to ensure that equipment in different departments such as emergencies, surgery, radiology, anesthesiology, treatment, wards, beds, bathrooms, and any other element or location. 

Iristrace also facilitates the internal audit process of the hygiene management plan to benchmark the performance of the different departments

Your central pharmacy is in good shape

The goal of pharmaceutical quality control is to make sure that medications are stored and managed properly. Routine checks on medicine best-before dates, waste-procedures, recycling, labeling, storage conditions, and temperature are helpful to keep the central pharmacy well organized.

All of these records can easily be created using Iristrace. All data is safely kept on a single platform and easily accessed.

The SDGs of the 2030 Agenda through a digital platform

Some of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets (SDGs) have a direct connection to the medical industry . These goals include SDGs 8 and 3, which aim for promoting inclusive, sustainable, and long-term economic growth that generates good jobs for all.

Iristrace makes it incredibly simple to create and manage a sustainability plan from a single digital platform. Make forms and checklists obligatory, include your staff and departments, and raise your company’s competitiveness as a sustainable organisation.

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