Iristrace - Mobile Checklist & Inspection Software for Agriculture


In order to meet ever increasing standards, you need to keep all EHS regulations, quality and traceability documentation up to date and available. Iristrace will help you manage your quality and safety processes through mobile checklists and simplify the obtention of certificates and the fulfillment of your customers’ requirements.

Easily follow your crop production processes

Ensure compliance with regulations throughout your production processes and manage all your data through a single digital platform with a simple, intuitive mobile and desktop application.

View and manage inspection records of critical control points and make it easier for staff to comply with industry regulations and company standards.

Large agriculture companies already rely on Iristrace

Popular checklists in farming

Main uses and suggestions for Iristrace

Simplify team communication, service and task assignments

Create checklists of your processes and have your employees access them via mobile devices.

Get a comprehensive view of your business to make better decisions

Analyze the data collected from your processes within an analytical dashboard. Save time in documentation by generating reports in just one click.

Monitor what is happening in your company in real time

Quality data will be immediately available and will provide valuable information that will help you make business decisions.

You will be able to recognize where you need to focus on improvement and make business decisions about the status of the process.

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