Iristrace - Audit, Risk and Safety Management for Supermarkets


Optimize the daily operations in your supermarkets, grocery stores, and superstores by generating digital control records, checklists or audits through the user-friendly desktop and mobile application.

Reduce time spent inspecting and documenting

Supermarket managers are challenged with maintaining customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience, and at the same time assuring the fulfilment of supplier agreements across all stores. Maintaining safety records, in particular food safety records, can be difficult considering the amount of documentation required. It is time-consuming and tedious, and can result in large piles of paperwork.

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Main uses and suggestions for Iristrace

Product placement, pricing and availability checks

Given the importance of product placement, availability, signage and price indications, Iristrace can help you verify this more effectively and collect evidence across all stores at the same time. Gaps and pricing discrepancies are more easily identified and actions can be taken more swiftly to ensure the best customer experience.

Maintenace and repairs

Iristrace is available to all staff members for incident reporting and maintenance work orders. Establish an action plan for all findings.

Warehouse and goods reception

Control the delivery of merchandise and manage the subsequent storage.

Go through the control points to verify that the delivery complies with the agreements reached with the provider. Inform the provider in real time about non-compliance events. Verify the shelving, FIFO principles, warehouse storage conditions and refrigeration. All within the same tool.

Marketing campaigns & promotions

From a mobile device, your team can document everything that happens, adding comments and photos, and leave a record of the incidents encountered. Analyze data in real time using our customized analytics dashboard and generate reports with just one click.

Customer attention standards

Create service manuals for the staff that is using Iristrace and make it easier for your employees to understand how you want your business to work.

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