Iristrace - Mobile Checklist & Inspection Software for Apparel Stores

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Create control forms that help you implement your brand standards

Reduce inspection and documentation time for your clothing store by generating digital control records, checklists or audits through an easy-to-use mobile application.

Analyze and optimize your apparel store's processes and workflows

Conduct on-site inspections of outlets and franchises to provide better services to your customers. Monitor the results remotely. By using Iristrace, you can ensure that your shops provide a consistent customer experience with control forms that verify your brand standards.

Already relying on Iristrace

Check out the most popular checklists in apparel and footwear stores!

Main uses and suggestions for Iristrace

Verify the implementation of your marketing campaigns and promotions

Every time the season changes, for every promotional campaign or for any new product introduction, all of the visual materials should be checked to ensure that they are available and in use at the store.

Ensuring brand standards in your stores

Getting all establishments to comply with the brand standards is a difficult task and it is difficult to control. With Iristrace you can structure the implementation to make it easy for both central and in-store teams to work together to improve store performance. For some of that work, you can save travel time for your central teams, because in-store staff can provide information and add photos and comments to support the data that is being shared. You will have a dashboard from which you will be able to benchmark all the results.

Helping your central retail operations team support the stores in a fast and easy way

Managing hundreds of sites comes with its own set of challenges for the operations teams. Stores need supports on many aspects ranging from safety, incidents, IT, facilities to supplies and promotional material, so that they can focus in turn on the best in-store customer experience. Iristrace will help make the communication between stores and central teams smooth and easy, structuring the flow of information from a timing and a content perspective. This makes the organisation more reactive to new events in stores and in the market.

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Our experienced team will analyse your requirements and recommend the optimal configuration.

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