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Improve traceability, quality, productivity and efficiency in livestock farming

Create checklists of your processes with a simple and easy to use livestock management software for inspections. no IT skills required. You can collect data and centralise your information to ensure health and safety and animal welfare protcols are followed throughout your operations.

Farm with livestock management software

Do you still conduct manual or paper based inspections?

Ever increasing demands on traceability, quality and animal welfare put increasing pressure on livestock farming. Iristrace has made it possible for every employee in the farm to digitally capture and document compliance, detect issues early, and schedule corrective and preventive action. Forget using pen and paper to then transcribe all the data into the computer. This process is not efficient, as this method does not optimize your employees’ time and increases the chances of making mistakes. With Iristrace you can dispatch and manage service orders, inspections and conduct internal audits through a user-friendly digital mobile app which produces data that you can harvest in real-time.

Large livestock companies already rely on Iristrace

Popular checklists in livestock and farming

Main uses and suggestions of the application

Highlighting animal welfare

Facilitate task scheduling and collect data from your animals using the digital checklist mobile app. Create regular procedures to ensure responsible production.

No need for deep IT expertise. If you know your business, the platform will help you get great results on your own without having to rely on third parties.

Cleaning and maintenance

Taking down to paper the cleaning and maintenance information issued by the facilities is often an inefficient and complicated process. If your pig production center has about 4,000m^2 and about 6 people working in it, it will be difficult not to lose any data.

With a simple workflow, you will be able to automate the response to incidents so that every time an incident occurs, it reaches the indicated maintenance person through an email or notification. This avoids having to use exhaustive manual processes to track and notify the responsible individuals.

Animal feeding

Feeding is one of the most important processes in a meat production center, since it directly influences the health and performance of the animals and, therefore, the profitability of the company.

Digitizing the collection of information will allow you to correctly measure the nutritional status of the animals, avoiding loss of information and achieving greater profitability in your production centers.

Animal transports

Establish a pattern for your transfers so that they are the same in all your production centers. Once the pattern has been established, you will only have to set up a checklist to keep track of them.

With the information collected, you will be able to analyse and optimise the processes to homogenise the way of working in all transfers. In addition, the initial barrier to using a new tool disappears, once staff start utilising it and discover that they are working more efficiently.

Get a comprehensive view of your business for better decisions

Analyse the data collected from your livestock farming processes within an analytical dashboard. Save time generating reports by generating reports in just one click.

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