Iristrace - Discover the Features of the Platform

Increase the control over your business without adding overhead

Template power editor with different types of questions

Using Iristrace’s powerful editor you can create templates for your processes easily and intuitively without any IT knowledge.

Organizer for assets, org units or places to inspect

Organize your assets, items, business units and departments that you want to use for your checklists in a folder-like structure, using up to two hierarchy levels. Add tags for easy filtering and for a richer analysis. Checklists inherit the asset tags when being created. 

Assigning users to these items gives them instant access to the checklists. 

Checklist overviews:
list, calendar, kanban

Using the system filters across a vast amount of checklist and asset attributes and tags, it is easy to track the status of your inspections and view them as a list, in a calendar or as a kanban.

The system allows the creation of custom status groups for each type of workflow that your business requires.


Simple customizable
checklist and issues dashboard

Create your own personalized dashboard and measure your most important indicators and kpis.

Push and email notifications

Notifications rules allow you to alert users when they are assigned to checklists, or when there are incidents, or status changes of important workflows.

Automatic reports

Download all the information instantly by choosing between different available formats: PDF, CSV, Excel, Word… Customize your reports with your corporate logo. 


Iristrace Office Connect

An Iristrace add-in for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel will allow you to interact with your checklist data via a taskpane next to your document directly in your office app. It shows up in the Ribbon and allows you to map questions, answers and scores. In Word, you gain complete control over your output format. In Excel, you can determine where to map the content to cells in your spreadsheet.

The Iristrace mobile app

The Iristrace app available for Android and iOS devices will help you with the mobile data collection.

A full dashboard instance for advanced visualisations

Within the Iristrace set of services inside your private instance, you can optionally benefit from the provisioning of a full analytical dashboard that allows you to interactively query and chart your checklist data.

It features its own user administration with analytical roles  as well as data view access permissions.

Visualisations include time-series charts, box-plots, radar, sunburst and sankey charts, data tables, pivot tables and many more.

Iristrace fits well into your existing systems landscape

Automation Services and Data Flow Processing Layer:
Let us help you integrate your different systems

The Iristrace platform features a full flow processing layer that allows to connect to virtually any other system. The Iristrace success consulting team will be at your side to connect the Iristrace platform to and from other systems in your landscape via ODATA Services, Rest APIs and Custom Batches

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