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Food and drinks industry checklist and inspection software

Iristrace offers a software-as-a-service platform to perform checklists and inspections and optimizes your processes to achieve the highest quality standards and increase the uptime of your production or bottling lines. Collect data through a mobile device and engage your workers by detecting and reporting improvement opportunities. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to minimize the risk of fines, corrective measures, legal procedures and permitting. Standardize processes and inspections and share reports through a simple and easy-to-use environment.

Take your quality inspections to the next level

Digitize the data capture of the internal procedures that are performed in all your facilities.

Food and Drinks companies that already rely on Iristrace

Popular checklists in Food and Drinks industry

Main uses and suggestions of the application

Iristrace is adapted to all sectors of the food industry.

iristrace industria alimentaria checklist agroalimentaria


iristrace industria alimentaria checklist panaderia

Bakery and pastry products

iristrace industria alimentaria checklist carnica

Meat industry

industria alimentaria checklist pescado

Fish industry

iristrace industria alimentaria checklist molineria y almidones

Milling, nuts and starches

iristrace industria alimentaria checklist bebidas


iristrace industria alimentaria checklist lacteos

Dairy products

iristrace industria alimentaria checklist alimentación animal

Animal food production

Easily capture data with the mobile app

Keep all your processes under control by capturing data from your mobile. With Iristrace you can create checklists to ensure your processes are compliant.

Hygiene and food safety

The essential part of food hygiene and safety compliance are the pre-requisite plans and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). With Iristrace you can digitalize all the records and mandatory procedures: preparation, cleaning, water controls, pests… Carry out your sampling, add permitted limits and analytical reports in just a few clicks.

Preventive maintenance

Create a list of the machinery, equipment and facilities you want to establish routine procedures for.

Schedule the maintenance checklist according to your production calendar and assign it to your staff and suppliers.

Maintenance routines and reports will be visible in real-time, with comments and pictures, to give you full control and visual insight into the work carried out and into the state of the installation. By delegating to local resources, you will save on travel costs for your central teams. By grouping the work, you will save on invoices for unnecessary travel time and transportation costs for your contractors.

Environmental controls and waste management

Iristrace will help you keep records centrally for all waste management procedures, so that these records are fully available at the time of any inspection. You will save time during the collection of this information and in the subsequent generation of reports.

Through Iristrace you will be able to improve the control of aspects such as: compliance with emission limits monitoring procedures, verification of the calibration of measurement instrumentation, compliance with IPPC (permitting, decommissioning),  proof of delivery of hazardous waste, control records by type of waste, etc…

Packaging, logistics and transport

Carry out weighing controls of your products with random checklists to verify that the ordered quantities are being met.

Periodically check the warehouses, packaging areas, shelves, cold rooms.

Ensure that your products are loaded correctly, that the vehicles are safe and well maintained, that staff comply with the regulations so that your products are transported safely and in compliance with the standards throughout the journey to their destination.

Involve all teams within your organization in the quality management processes

Record incidents and issues throughout the plant with Iristrace to obtain statistical data on the elements that fail the most and why.

Establish automatic notification and remediation workflows to involve the right persons to deal with the situation according to its urgency. 

Iristrace will help you keep track of incident causes, frequency and resolution times through status tracking, allowing you to identify the right maintenance patterns, to minimise downtime due to failure and to increase the safety of your personnel.

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