Iristrace - Inspection & Audit Software for Certification Businesses

Template your audits and inspections to certify your customers

Choose Iristrace as your certification solution to deliver certification services to your customers, featuring your brand. 

A flexible tool that adapts to any type of standard

Regulation certification necessitates the handling of a large number of data and documents. Versioning and time stamping are crucial for maintaining your company’s accreditation status and the high certification process criteria. Iristrace will assist you in organizing and storing documents, reports, spreadsheets, and images related to your audits and inspections. 

Iristrace proudly delivers to certification service providers

Examples of checklists in certification services & QA

Use cases and application suggestions.

Your own templates to document compliance with the standard

Perform template-based inspections to verify the compliance of your clients with any type of standard. Establishing inspection procedures and creating templates with a wide range of parameters using the Iristrace template editor is incredibly simple. No need for IT specialists to manage the templates.

Faster and more efficient inspections from mobile devices

Discover all the resources you need to advance your inspections in the Iristrace app.

Even with hundreds of inquiries and control points, go paperless in your business

No matter how complex your forms and checklists are, you may design forms with endless questions and easily answer them from mobile devices by using Iristrace’s robust template editor.

Beautiful reports that combine results and photographic evidence at your fingertips

At the conclusion of any inspection, it automatically creates customized reports printed from devices using the information gathered. Among other things, include images, scores, corrective actions, template versions, dates, and timings.

Not only compliance with the standards, regulations, or rule, but also new insights

Utilize your own business intelligence tools or use the provided analytical dashboarding environment to leverage the information gathered during your inspections and share them with your customers. 

At the same time, you can gather indicators and KPIs of your own inspection processes to improve the service to your customers.

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