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With Iristrace, you can create work orders, tickets, visual work instructions, checklists, audits, and industry specific workflows via mobile phone, tablet or desktop web browser to digitalize processes for your entire workforce and thus achieve your company standards with assured quality.

Initiate corrective actions in a matter of seconds whenever deviations are detected, and track their progress using personalised status management.

Save costs and time with data collection and analysis allowing data driven decision-making and improve your operations, using a user-friendly environment that does not require in-depth IT knowledge.

iristrace checklist software

digitalize your processes

Template processes and cut repetitive tasks in half

Stay in control with the help of Iristrace. Don’t rely on disconnected, multichannel, multi-format, ad-hoc communication methods.

Iristrace allows your workforce to focus on the critical control points using customised templates, ensuring that no important detail is skipped or forgotten. Always be confident that the required standards and regulations are adhered to in a comprehensible manner.

If desired, have AI suggest templates for your business processes. Making it easier and faster than ever to create templates.

The following overview illustrates how easily you can digitize your own processes in just a few steps to achieve the desired results.

Capture data on the go

Capture data on the go in a single platform for communication, capturing photos, files, and structured data.

Trustworthy data

Eliminate the uncertainty of paper forms and spreadsheets by tracking and timestamping every edit.

Lean Management

Identify valuable processes, benchmark performance and eliminate waste with 5S, Six-Sigma, audits and Gemba templates.

Data for your sustainability roadmap

Track ESG indicators, assess your sustainability impact and contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, capture KPIs across your entire supply chain.


Take your business controls to the cloud

Find every aspect of your company connected in a unified management platform.

Organizations around the world are now counting on Iristrace

40 H.

Automate to save hours of work per month, and capture and retrieve data with unprecedented simplicity and speed.


Take costs off your supplier invoices by grouping preventive actions and monitoring service levels


Boost your customer experience by increasing the quality and lowering incidents.


Capturing data

Stop desperately looking for the data you need.

The system will remind your team to provide it. Free up time for the analysis and corrective actions. Have your records at hand when you are being audited. 


BI analysis and results

Help your team focus on what really matters. Improve your safety records by guiding the team with templates that cover potential risks within your operations.

Provide rigorous step plans and procedures to ensure adherence with pre-defined safety protocols.

This is why our customers love Iristrace

Luis Polo Cozar
Luis Polo Cozar
Quality Manager in Prolongo-Faccsa, Spain
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Iristrace has played a key role in the company's digititalization strategy, as it has allowed us to go paperless and integrate quality and food safety controls into a single tool.
Marian Revuelta
Marian Revuelta
Quality Manager in Sirenis Caribe, Mexico
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Highly satisfied with both the tool and the consulting area. Among its main advantages, I would highlight significant time-saving in reporting tasks, efficiency in the execution of audits, and immediate access to the results balance, status of the areas, level of compliance, comparative evolution, automatic management of action plans and follow-up of non-conformities.
Miguel Antona
Miguel Antona
General Manager in Innoporc, Spain
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For INNOPORC, and for me in particular, it has been a real luxury to benefit both from the powerful productivity tools and the commitment and support of the Iristrace team on our journey of building our advanced farming solution on the Iristrace platform."
Antonio Francisco
Antonio Francisco
General Manager in Carrefour
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The most positive thing about Iristrace is the flexibility and the look and feel of the tool, which is very good. And on the other hand, the possibility of integrating all the results with our other systems.


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