Iristrace - The no-code audit, checklist & inspection software.

Effortless workflow audits through faster data collection

Iristrace is a no-code software as a service platform that facilitates and optimizes the collection and analysis of data using fully digital control processes and dashboards for the quality, safety, sustainability and governance, risk and compliance efforts within your company.

Delivered in your own private cloud instance, you can start with Iristrace the same day that you sign up.

Iristrace, App de checklists, auditorías e inspecciones.

digitalize your processes

Template the compliance processes and cut repetitive tasks in half

Iristrace will really help you stay in control – every day. Don’t rely on disconnected multi-channel, multi-format, ad-hoc communication methods.

With Iristrace, you can easily replace manual or unstructured compliance and data collection processes, using only one user friendly platform.

audits, forms and checklists

Collect the data at source and only once

Every day, the office accumulates hundreds of documents as well as dozens of messages with notes from every employee.

Your equipment will be able to record every event using mobile devices, allowing you to optimize your operational procedures to get higher returns.

Software de software auditorias e inspecciones

1. Plan and manage inspections

2. Dispatch service orders and corrective actions

3. See progress and results on reports and dashboards


What Iristrace offers out-of-the-box

Forms and checklists

Ensure that all of your processes are being executed in a timely manner.

Action Plans

Detect compliance issues or improvement items and assign corrective tasks to your team with a due date and status tracking.

Notifications and alerts

Be informed via the mobile app, via push notifications or via email of all noteworthy events.

Add Evidence

Attach photos, comments, files, drawings and hand signatures to your checklists.


Transform data into actionable insight with advanced charting and process mining to make better decisions and improve your processes and workflows.

Automatic and individualized reports

Get automatic reports in Word®, Excel® or PDF® format, or interactively build your highly customized office documents with the data you have captured.

Digitalize the last mile to transform your business

With the power of your Iristrace subscription, your subject matter experts can build forms, workflows, and analytical applications themselves to roll-out digital service orders, cases, inspections, and audits to their teams and ensure compliance with the respective control frames they are in charge of.


Iristrace can help you improve your business significantly

Get your team to focus on what really matters. Compliance is best achieved when the rules are clear and simple. Provide guidance to your team – just in time – when the job is being done.

0 % ROI
Driving 204% ROI in up to 3 years

Spotting HSSE issues early, reducing the over-comfort of routineers, or the lack of experience of new staff, taking care of issues before the customer notices, and through effective handling of issues through dedicated, configurable action plans.

Incidents over time

Procured goods and services represent a significant improvement potential. Find out their current service level compliance through smart sampling with Iristrace and improve the service levels received.

SLA Compilance %

Record the data only once. Forget transcripts. Your inspections and subsequent data analysis is up to 30% faster through the Iristrace Mobile and Desktop Applications.

Up to 30% faster inspections

No need for deep IT expertise. If you know your business, the platform will help you get great results on your own without reliance on third parties.

Contracted IT Consulting

Engage the team, connect the colleagues in the customer facing or production and shop floor roles through their mobile device, to share issues, photos, comments, structured data and files in an easy, intuitive way. 

Quality audit scoring ( % achievement)

Need help getting started?

Our Success Consultants help customers adapt Iristrace to your business needs with personalized support. We offer consulting services for the digitization of business processes.

Iristrace is used in many industries


A digital platform for your sustainability journey

Iristrace makes it much easier to create and manage a sustainability plan, documenting and benchmarking performance, within a single digital platform. Establish your control frame within the platform, measure the performance over time, analyse the results and improve the frame by adjusting and extending the roll-out, even to your suppliers where applicable. Iristrace can be your companion on your sustainability journey.

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