Iristrace - HACCP and Checklists Software for Restaurants


Iristrace aids with the validation of processes such as service, standard preparations, and preventive/corrective maintenance for equipment and facilities.

Do you still collect data on paper?

Iristrace digitalizes mandatory records and checklists, which enables data collection via mobile devices, even when on the go or offline. This tool can provide you with real-time access to all the necessary information regarding your restaurants and processes. Not only will this assist in formulating benchmarks, but it will also support in keeping track of performance to foster continuous improvement.

Companies already relying on Iristrace

Popular checklists in the restaurant industry

Main uses and suggestions for the application

HACCP for the kitchen, storage and many more: inspections will be much faster and more effective

Create and digitalize your HACCP plan using Iristrace and keep a record of the many critical aspects of this plan, such as food safety controls, food preparation procedures, expiry dates, cleaning procedures, water samples or pest control, just to name a few.

Complying with food safety regulations has never been easier

Whether you are the operations or quality manager of a restaurant or a franchise chain, you can keep up to date with all food regulations and standards easily and efficiently. Create checklists for audits, HACCP, cleaning, opening and closing, and many more.

Keep track of your marketing campaigns and promotions

During every seasonal campaign or when launching a new offering, it is necessary to verify that all visual material and signage is properly placed. Using a marketing guide and a control form, it becomes easy to:

Set service standards at all locations and franchises

Create service manuals for your staff with Iristrace and make it easier for your employees to understand how you expect your business to operate.

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