Iristrace - Audit Quality Management Software for Manufacturing


Iristrace digitalizes factory operations by providing seamless access to digital checklists and streamlining processes from the executive level to the shop floor. Say goodbye to cumbersome stacks of paper and tedious spreadsheets – our user-friendly app ensures real-time data collection and presents operational insights through an intuitive all-in-one dashboard.

Integrating your existing quality management systems with Iristrace is a breeze, thanks to its  user-friendly interface. This useful tool empowers both local and upper management, unlocking a world of opportunities for higher standards of quality, optimizing time, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Elevate your quality management to new heights with Iristrace.

Critical quality information at your fingertips

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Main uses and suggestions for iristrace

Set the quality standards which you want to achieve

Setting standardized protocols, identifying areas of improvement, and guaranteeing your standards are being met has never been this simple. With Iristrace you have an agile tool for your lean operations making it effortless to become ISO 9001 certified.

Digitalize your gemba walk and provide yourself with comprehensive integrated LPA data using the information collected and presented from the checklists on your own dashboard. Ensure that all staff maintain the 5s methodology on each step along the way, not just to minimize waste, but also to provide the highest degree of quality achievable to your customers.


Take your inspections to the next level

Create checklists of your processes and have your employees access them via their mobile devices.

Issues and accident prevention - avoid downtime and improve safety

Record issues in your operations to obtain statistical data on items or processes that fail and find out why. Edit workflows based on the reported issue and notify the responsible manager with the appropriate urgency, as well as the specialist that can deal with the failure. With Iristrace it becomes easier to intervene fast and effectively.

Find out which failures can be avoided with preventive action and face lower maintenance costs with better maintenance planning. Minimize downtime due to failure, increase safety and accelerate the learning cycles for continuous improvement.

Schedule and carry out your maintenance processes

Create a list of machinery, equipment and facilities that you would like to have inspected or maintained. You can have the inspections or maintenance done at specific intervals or allow staff to perform them in self-service mode. Assign staff to each task and resolve issues through feedback cycles.

You can give permissions to staff to perform tasks like safety inspections or  inspection of shelving, loads, tooling, damages, and more. Use feedback cycles to resolve issues.

Make risk prevention agile, integrated and paperless

Template controls to prevent labour risks and reduce work-related hazards by mapping the requirements and criteria in Iristrace. Create forms with clear explanations and tables for technicians, so as to alleviate any questions and doubts during their duties.

Integrate every department of your company and structure information to filter views by area or hierarchy. With Iristrace it becomes easy to visualize the areas that need improvement and to replicate the best practices to other areas. You can download records and reports with pictures of inspections, incident lists, and more.

Environmental controls and waste management

Implementing an EHS framework across your entire enterprise is a sizable and difficult task to accomplish, and verifying the compliance comes with its own various challenges. Storing and retrieving information across operational units down to the group level is essential for rigorous management. Using Iristrace you will have all the records and measurements in one place, so you’ll save time in collecting information as well as in subsequent consultation and reporting.

With Iristrace you can improve your controls in many areas, whether it is environmental monitoring plans, safety plans, regulatory compliance programs, metering, proof of appropriate management and disposal of waste and hazardous materials, just to name a few. Having a powerful tool such as Iristrace will trivialize adopting your very own ISO 14001 framework, and make the process of getting certified simple and easy.

Staff training

Make the onboarding of staff or the rollout of new procedures easier. Iristrace helps mitigate the lack of knowledge of new staff, as well as the overconfidence of veterans.

Create templates that describe rules and procedures, as well as expected levels of knowledge, and also verify the degree of understanding. Change the control points frequently to ensure real engagement with the current issues at hand.


New facilities or renovation works

Whenever a new facility is under construction or being renovated, there is an infinite number of elements to review. What can be better than having a checklist to prepare this review?

With Iristrace you can capitalize on the knowledge obtained from previous events to make it better and safer each time.

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