Iristrace - Audit, Risk and Safety Management for Fuel Retail


Improve your safety controls, compliance with brand standards and the execution of your promotion campaigns throughout your retail service stations.

Iristrace allows you to digitalize your paper workflows and improve the compliance of your business

Iristrace can help you replace paper-based processes with forms on mobile devices, so that your team can easily comply with always up-to-date instructions, and record everything that happens, including comments and photographs of issues. With Iristrace you can easily build a schedule of verifications which are consolidated in real time. 

Iristrace already at the service of the fuel retail sector

Popular checklists at service stations

Main uses and suggestions for Iristrace

Verification of storage tanks and unloading of road tankers

Ensure that the staff follows the procedures and performs all required verifications when unloading the petrol.

A combination of instructions and checklists available in the tool help everyone comply with all the safety procedures related to the loading of the tanks. This will help new staff memorize procedures better, and seasoned staff to overcome routine or complacency, for example combined with additional spot checks.

Complying with regulations has never been easier

All service stations must comply with a raft of regulatory and brand specific standards regarding the site, the technical equipment, and the customer services. For each of those standards, there is a number of critical control points that should be verified on a daily basis to ensure compliant operations.

Preventive maintenance

Iristrace will help you schedule preventive maintenance procedures across all of your service stations. Iristrace users will save time and costs, and reduce the number of incidents through better scheduling and tracking. Customers will enjoy a better experience coming to the stations as all control points are systematically reviewed by your staff.

Review the scheduling of your verification procedures against occurring issues across your critical control points: court, pumps, store, storage, restrooms, water, air, car wash, and more. And keep track of your suppliers’ performance.

Customer service standards

Create service manuals for your staff with Iristrace and make it easier for your employees to understand how you want your business to work.

Marketing campaigns & promotions

Every time you run a campaign, Iristrace can help you verify the rollout and implementation in the field, quite simply.

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