Iristrace - Audit, Risk and Safety Management for Retail Operations


With Iristrace, you can provide the best customer experience in your stores and ensure that all your locations meet the same standards. Iristrace makes retail operations easier, faster and smarter than ever before.

Assuring compliance with your standards across all departments

Iristrace helps retail companies save money with improved store operations and customer service by making it easier for employees to  collect and organize operational data in oder to comply.

Iristrace proudly delivers to major retailers

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Suggestions and main uses for Iristrace

Get your data easily and quickly using the mobile app

Reduce your administrative workload with automated workflows and track what is being done.

Simplify your control processes

With Iristrace you can create processes through digital checklists and apply them to all locations of your business. Maintaining brand, image and service standards is very easy with Iristrace. Collect data, analyze the results and make better decisions for your retail business.

Minimize issues on goods reception

When receiving high value goods, verifying products on delivery can avoid surprises later.

With Iristrace it is easy to record damages or loss. Review all or samples of goods received, record deviations with mobile checklists, and establish corrective action plans.

Track your marketing campaigns and promotions

Use Iristrace’s checklists to roll out your next marketing campaigns effectively. Make sure that the correct posters, brochures, displays, and signage are in place.

Compare your results with those of your other locations or franchises and get faster and more effective marketing campaigns.

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