Industries - Forms, checklists, audits, records control for industry

Manage the inspection records of your critical control points and make it easier for your team to comply with industry regulation and company standards.

Create checklists, work orders and inspection records through customisable forms, distribute them to the mobile phones of your teams and collect results in real time.

Checklist industria Iristrace

In industry, we rely on work well performed according to high safety and quality standards, with little or no room for failure.

Work must be performed and recorded, and issues reported. Iristrace can help your team to comply with all mandatory and scheduled checks as per your business requirements, by making it easy to collect all necessary data through a mobile device and by offering the possibility to add comments and photos, and note issues discovered during the process.

Information is available as soon as it gets recorded, and dashboards and reports will help you keep an overview of the results and benchmark comparisons. You can modify the evaluation criteria at any time yourself and drive the process without the need for an IT expert to assist you.

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Millions of inspections conducted around the world

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