Supermarkets - Checklists, audits, control registers and forms for Supermarkets

Improve how stores comply with the brand standards and offer them a self-service tool for internal checks of their processess.

Checklist supermercados retail Iristrace

Getting all stores to comply with the brand standards is a complicated and time consuming daily effort. On a daily basis, the team needs to perform many checks across the stores.

Replace the manual or paper based processes with forms on mobile devices, so that your team can record everything that happens, including comments and photographs of issues. With Iristrace you can easily build a schedule of verifications that consolidate the data in real time.

You will see results across the different stores using the dashboard and the reports. Iristrace can connect with your Business Intelligence systems for you to extract the maximum value from your information. If you don’t have an existing BI System, Iristrace can provide one.

How Iristrace can help

Millions of inspections conducted around the world

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