dairy industry - Iristrace - Software de Auditorías, Inspecciones y Checklists

Digitize the production processes of the dairy industry with Iristrace.

A software as a service platform that facilitates the control, supervision and analysis of processes, adaptable to the production needs of milk, cheese and derivatives.

Collect data from your processes

From the reception of the milk to the bottling. Define inspections, plan production and improve communication between your team.

Control of health and quality regulations

Follow the requirements for appellations of origin, protected geographical indications and current legal regulations.

Guarantee the correct fulfillment of your processes

Integrate the management of all manufacturing and distribution processes in the dairy sector: milk collection, dairy production, storage, dispatch and distribution.

Large food companies already trust Iristrace

How does iristrace work?


Create checklists of your production processes easily.


Coordinate your team by running checklists from mobile devices.


Analyze the results through reports and analytical dashboards.

What can you do with Iristrace ?

Collect data through digital checklist

Collect data through digital checklist

Ditch traditional data capture methods like Excel or paper. Create checklist templates easily and intuitively.

Scheduling of manufacturing or healing orders

Scheduling of manufacturing or healing orders

Organize your team by creating manufacturing order records including raw material and refreshment levels.

HACCP, maintenance and cleaning

HACCP, maintenance and cleaning

Digitalize your maintenance and cleaning processes. Notify and track incidents.

Control of temperature conditions

Control of temperature conditions

Keep your products in optimal conditions by monitoring temperatures through checklists.

Report automation

Report automation

Download all the information instantly by choosing between different available formats: PDF, CSV, Excel®, Word®

Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems

Allows users to bring results into MS-Word and Excel, Integrates with CRM, ERP, Teams and other systems

Benefits of implementing Iristrace in your dairy company

Improve productivity

The time savings in administrative tasks allow us to audit more points and departments.

Increases customer satisfaction

Everything will be more controlled and possible incidents will not affect customer satisfaction.

Standardize processes at critical points

Everything will be planned, communicating to each person in charge in case of need, through notifications and emails.

Improve your decision making

Increases success in decision making thanks to the volume and quality of data.

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