Hospitality - Control records, checklists, audits and forms for hotels

Create your control records from your daily checks and quality inspections to ensure that your accomodations are ready and guest services meet the expected standard.

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Daily work in any tourist accommodation includes dozens of control processes that are manual, often on pen and paper, and take many hours to complete. Do you know how much time you will save by digitizing all your records?

Delegate the controls to the person performing the work, require evidence through photos and timestamped records, create calendars for your employees so as to make the compliance with regulations esasier through their mobile devices.

Get access to all inspection reports and recorded incidents in one place – as the inspections are being performed. You can reduce amount of visits required and only perform spot-checks to verify that the control frame is still fit for purpose. Agree on action plans, compare and benchmark results and improve your operations with every step.

Save hundreds of hours on unproductive activities, and dedicate your time to what really matters: your customer experience.

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Millions of inspections conducted around the world

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