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Iristrace for the Manufacturing Sector

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence Without Tedious Paperwork

Discover how Iristrace can transform your manufacturing operations by digitising audits, enhancing compliance, and streamlining processes. Overcome the challenges of maintaining high standards and optimising efficiency effortlessly with Iristrace.

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Transform your processes like These industry leaders

Cut Through the Digital Clutter

Countless tools pledge to enhance productivity but frequently end up complicating workflows only adding to the workload of your teams, while failing to offer in-depth insights. Iristrace makes informed decision-making straightforward by providing an easy-to-use dashboard providing real-time insights.

Collecting data on paper

Other tools

What can you do with Iristrace?

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule & plan the maintenance of machinery and equipment, while providing guidelines.

KPI Tracking

Evaluate and benchmark the performance of various departments and personnel.

Site Safety Inspections

Facilitate and carry out routine site safety inspections.


Communication (Notifications, Workflows)

Keep the team informed with automatic workflows and scheduling.

Standardised Processes & Workflows

Create and maintain established and standardised processes and routines.

Compliance with Regulations

Adhere to environmental, health & safety, and local laws.

Impact Assessments and Reporting

Capture data and generate comprehensive reports.

Evaluate and benchmark suppliers' performance.

Benchmark suppliers and have an overview of their performance.

Process Checklists and Audits

Streamline internal audits and compliance checks.

Data Insights

Benchmark teams, facilities, and subsidiaries for informed decision-making.

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Simplify Operations with a Consolidated Workspace

Data is critical for making informed decisions in today’s digital landscape. However, the sheer volume can lead to data fatigue and inefficiency when managing multiple tools and sources.

A unified management platform can significantly enhance productivity by centralising all documents, reports, and data into one workspace.


Implemented in just three steps

Discover just how easy it is to implement new standardised processes.


Design checklist templates tailored to your specific needs and processes

With our intuitive template editor, you can customise your checklists with various data collection moments, adapting them to any type of inspection, or process. From visual work instructions to standardised routines and audits.

Yes, you can use Iristrace to comply with any regulation, standard, or ISO requirement that you need.


Assign, schedule, and track the progress of your workforce

Our mobile application is intuitive and easy to use, allowing your team to complete checklists anytime and anywhere. This ensures efficient tracking of progress and enables quick responses to any contingencies, even when offline and on the go!

Benchmark your teams, roll out new standardised procedures, or train your employees in using the latest tooling, it is all possible with Iristrace.

Using a customisable status tracker for your checklists, be able to at a glance see the progress of all your teams using list views, kanbans, and calendar views.


Examine real-time data, understand trends, and make strategic decisions

In today’s business world, data is power. Iristrace provides you with a detailed view of your operations by providing real-time information. Identify trends, recognise areas for improvement, and make informed and strategic decisions that will help take your business to the next level. Even with data from outside sources, or using your own preffered BI tools!

Yes, you can integrate Iristrace with your own Business Intelligence tools.


Hundreds of companies have adopted Iristrace as their primary process management tool.

Will you be the next?

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