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Every day you have to fill out all kinds of mandatory records and checklists. Mostly this is done with paper. Do you know how much you could save if you digitize your procedures?

With Iristrace, your team will be able to collect all necessary data through a mobile device, adding comments and photographs, noting issues, according to a predefined schedule, or in self-service mode, in case they need to document and share an issue.

From the offices, you will get access to all the information in real time and you will have a scorecard of results and benchmarks, in addition to the compliance with the food safety regulations.

How Iristrace can help?

Create and digitize your HACCP plan using Iristrace, keeping a record of many critical aspects of your plan, such as your food safety controls, food preparation procedures, expiry dates, cleaning procedures, water samples, pest control plan, and more.

Iristrace will help you to:

  • Template your hazard analysis
  • List your critical control points
  • Establish critical limits for each critical control point
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Keep your records

Iristrace will help you gain much time in preparing and conducting your quality inspections. Quality criteria can be better documented and communicated to the audit teams so that all measurements are identical across your establishments. Iristrace offers a comprehensive scoring system for benchmarking and comparisons across time.

With Iristrace, it becomes easy to collect all information and get an immediate overview of the status of all your facilities.

With every seasonal campaign or when launching a new offering, it is necessary to verify that all visual material and signage is properly placed. Using a marketing guide and a control form, it becomes easy to:
  • Review active promotions.
  • Standardising product offerings across all establishments.
  • Measure the performance of the campaigns.
  • Train the team and help them develop further.

Iristrace is available to all staff for incident reporting and maintenance work orders.

Your staff can:

  • Add images and comments to the incidents to describe what happened.
  • Track the status of incidents and understand their resolution times.
  • Download incident lists to spreadsheets to further analyse the top incidents, and incident patterns.
  • Reduce the costs of corrective maintenance with preventive maintenance scheduling.

Would you like to have an external review of your restaurants? Use our app to get feedback from mystery client programs with all the details, photos, comments and findings.

Create service manuals for your staff with Iristrace and make it easier for your employees to understand how you want your business to work.

  • Customer services guide
  • Incident resolution protocols
  • Accident protocols
  • Manuals containing recipies, presentation standards and menu templates
  • Cleaning procedures

Millions of inspections conducted around the world

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