Mobile business controls made easy


Discover how ease and super fast you can get immediate valuable information

Teams around the world collaborate on something big

through Iristrace mobile forms and checklists for example on product design, merchandising and service quality to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Save thousands of hours of reporting

replacing paper, camera, email and inadequate office tools with a single integrated cloud solution

Discover and act before customers notice

Engage your staff, contractors and suppliers on critical business controls in their daily work

Your own templates in a few steps

Designing a checklist has never been easier. Without IT knowledge you can click inspection forms together in a few minutes with a broad set of question and answer types to get the data and the reports that you need.

Mobile - in the true sense

Once defined, inspection templates are immediatly available to your team regardless of their location. But better yet, you can easily evolve your forms to the next version as your business requirements move on.

Works Online and also Offline

Inspections take place in all type of environments, also where no network connection is available. Iristrace gives you the option to work offline with your device and synchronize up later.

Analysis in real-time

You know what you're looking for and want to see it on your dashboard, right there. Watch photos of issues and ideas display as they come in. See progress indicators, charts and graphs display your lastest inspection results.

Helps you stay on top of issues

Findings are notified as they are discovered. Iristrace will help you review them for remediation, keeping them in sight until they are dealt with and schedule a re-inspection when the remediation work is performed.

Keeps the records but frees your data

Your data is stored on high availability servers in the EU. With the right access permissions, you can export the data at any time into PDF, Excel, CSV and through our fully documented REST API into your favourite BI Tool.

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Trusted by Leaders

Because last century's tools will give you last century results

Pen, paper, camera, e-mail, spreadsheets and Presentations

It is time to complete the digital transformation of your organisation with Iristrace

No IT knowledge required so you can focus on your core expertise

What our clients think about Iristrace

NH Hotels

Patricia Capel - Corporate Quality Manager

"With Iristrace we have found the perfect tool to standardize the audits in our hotels. We have complete information thanks to the ability to attach photos"

Viuda de Tadeo Juan

Javier Albero - CCO

"Now I receive the reports at headquarters in real time, regardless of where the drivers or the trucks are. With Iristrace our drivers become auditors."

Oh My Cut

Juan Sanmartin - COO

"The image of my business comes up to the expected standards and cleaning is always perfect. The staff take pictures and these are attached to the report"

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