Do you love to code and want to architect and implement cloud systems? Do you want to build a product used by the world’s greatest companies? Are you looking for a new role with impact and have more say in how things get done?

Apply to join us at Iristrace to build the next generation mobile business controls platform. Our award-winning software-as-a-service platform puts people at the centre, organising the way companies collect and share information among colleagues, clients, suppliers but also between connected systems and devices.

The Iristrace platform enables business professionals to set up and run collaboration processes by themselves without the need for an IT expert. They can start with simple checks but then extend into more complex collaboration scenarios, for example around business operations, quality, safety and customer experience.

Iristrace proudly delivers to diverse industries, including the leading hotels of the world, global retailers, healthcare, agri-food, and manufacturing industries, such as chemicals and consumer products. Iristrace is alumni of the SAP start-up acceleration curriculum at SAP.iO in Berlin and an SAP partner. You will be joining a team of talented programmers that love to produce clean and tested code, and that very much enjoy working with each other on a daily basis.

We have invested heavily into the full automation of the continuous integration and daily delivery of code to Cloud Kubernetes services in production. Therefore, you quickly get real customer feedback! If you have a DevOps mindset or are in the process of acquiring those skills, you will very much enjoy this setup. We offer a work environment based on trust and responsibility. The team works with the paradigm that if you build it, you run it, and if you break it, you fix it.

In this role you are expected to shape the evolution of our application, as we grow to handle higher loads, more users, and more complex information. The backend relies on the Symfony framework servicing an innovative micro-frontend architecture. On the front-end, we have an extensive code base in Angular / TypeScript. Each stack runs multiple containers with specialised services on our clusters, which can be delivered to a customer within minutes.

Your responsibilities:

  • Feature development oriented towards data consumption and transmission
  • New backend services,
  • Verification, migration or update of older REST services
  • Database design and optimization,
  • Security

The position reports to the CTO and is part of the architecture team

What you ideally bring:

You are a team player and an expert in your field. You are comfortable with Agile methodologies (Kanban, Scrum), trunk-based development and mastery of GIT source version control software and package managers. We’re particularly interested in the following skills:

Expertise in the following:

  • PHP Symfony, building, managing and monitoring great algorithms and REST APIs
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, GIS, OLAP, timeseries and object storage databases
  • Automated Testing, Test-Driven Design

Good understanding of:

  • integration concepts with other systems,


  • HA Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Identity Management, Kubernetes, Container Technology, Service Mesh, Tracing, ODATA Services, Analytics, Remote monitoring.

We know that many of these technologies evolve fast and no one masters them all, so there will be a chance (and an expectation 😊) to learn and acquire new skills. If you bring a solid basis, good expertise in the core areas, and a results-driven mindset don’t hesitate to apply!

What we offer:

  • Competitive package in direct relation to your experience.
  • Private health insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • A tremendous playground for your creativity and a real voice when it comes to how we work as a team, the development methods, the continuous improvement of security, standards and architectural choices.
  • Working with global customers with whom we enjoy trusted relationships.
  • International mindset and global operations with possibilities to work remotely, and a yearly off-site at a great location (COVID permitting…)
  • Learning and growth through peer exchange, training programmes, events participation.

The team speaks English and Spanish, and English is the company’s choice for technology, R&D meetings and for documenting the code. Stand-ups take place through video calls. In Spain, you can benefit from English classes. In other countries, we can get you set-up in Spanish, and we’re happy to support you in improving your language skills.

The position is attached to our Ibi-Alicante/ES or Den Haag/NL locations. You need to be a resident of the European Union with a valid work permit. Remote work is possible. If you join us close to our physical sites, then a combination of 2 days at the office and 3 days from the home office is great for us. We believe in combining team days with a high level of interaction, but also quiet time to craft code and learn.

Interested? Then please get in touch with us.Send your CV & Linkedin profile to: hola [ @ ] iristrace.com

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