Iristrace helps the hospitality industry to return to work after COVID19 - Registros de control, checklists, auditorías y formularios para hoteles

Iristrace helps the hospitality industry to return to work after COVID19

Coming out of the first Coronavirus lockdown, which imposed the closure of most establishments for weeks, the tourism and travel sector can now prepare for the re-opening and for the implementation of the safety and security measures that will need to be taken to protect both staff and guests.

Keep a clear vision on all measures by digitizing CORONAVIRUS and STANDARD CONTROLS via mobile app

Checking that all safety measures are in place should be as easy as instant messaging. Iristrace offers best practice templates and processes to help you keep an eye on the implementation of all your safety controls. Get a clear view of the state of your establishments and identify issues early to solve them without delay, regardless whether they are related to security, cleaning, equipment, personnel, catering, technical services, common areas or guest rooms.

From 0 to productive use in a matter of minutes

1. Click together the processes you need​

2. Start collaborating with your team​

3. Harvest insight and turn it to action​

Webinar: Digital Transformation as key enabler for the Leisure and Tourism industry.

On April 30, 2020, Iristrace was invited to present at the Invat-tur organised webinar discussing the digital transformation of the industry. The webinar attracted more than 470 attendants, chaired by the Instituto de tecnologías Turísticas de la Comunidad Valenciana. Keynotes featured Francesc Colomer, General Secretary of Tourism of the Valencian Community and David Giner, Project Coordinador at Invat.tur. 

The webinar discussed coronavirus risk mitigation strategies, tools and processes required for the re-opening and new start of the entire industry.

A replay of the webinar (In Spanish) is available here

Guest and Staff Safety comes first

Iristace will help you keep track of all the safety measures that your establishments are going to implement to keep both guests and staff safe. With Iristrace, you have a platform for all of your staff to document the implementation, and share key controls and safety indicators.

Cleaning and


protective equipment

Infection Cases & Reporting

Labour Risks

Maintenance and corrective actions

Food and Beverage
Keep the minimum distance, verify that the directives set by the authorities are effectively implemented
Food preparation
HACCPP compliance for food safety
Cleaning and Disinfection protocols
Spare parts, repairs, preemptive maintenance, daily controls
Guest Rooms
Procedural guidance and control for house keeping duties
Common areas
Instructions, Controls, Signage for Guests
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Pre-opening certifications

Iristrace helps its current customers in the hotel industry prepare for external certification of their Coronavirus risk prevention plans.

Daily procedures

Customers can include flexibly all government mandated control procedures such as safety distances, cleaning frequencies, into the daily operations of their staff, via the mobile phone and get assurance that this work is done.

Assurance protocols

Protect the company from any claim by better documenting that the safety procedures were effectively implemented.

Millions of checklists completed across the world. Acclaimed by leading companies in the hospitality industry.

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