Create your own templates

Plan inspections and send automatic reminders

Template creation the easy way.

  • Add categories, add questions and boundaries for alerting.
  • Use it as many times as you want.
  • Start the form immediately or plan it for a future inspection
  • Pre-set parameters and alert users if the answer requires it.
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Control Departments, teamwork, locations

A department can be a company, a store, vehicles, machines, production lines, teams... you decide.

Real-time control of what is happening

  • Organize departments through tags, location, categories...
  • Verify users are executing tasks properly.
  • Analyze the progress. Keep the checklists status in sight:
    planned, in progress, ready for QC, in QC or complete.
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Automate procedures and report creation

Notify critical issues to solve and create personalized reports.

Simplify and automate the procedures.

  • Improve efficiency sending alerts.
  • Reduce errores, riesgos, incidencias y mejora la seguridad
  • Save time in reports creation while personalizing them
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Start your audit, process or control

Simplify and automate the procedures.

  • Select the template and start the inspection.
  • Answer the checklist from a web browser or through the mobile app.
  • Add comments, take pictures, annotate the images, draw or attach files.
  • End the checklist and send the report.
  • Analyze data and check that all issues are solved.
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Works On & Offline

Collaborate and Engage

Iristrace mobilizes front-line staff around quality, service excellence and compliance with standards.

Act faster based on real-time findings.

  • Easy for team members to share and learn.
  • Improve service quality and process efficiency.
  • Improve employee satisfaction.

Personalized dashboard with your KPI's

Create pie and bar charts, line charts and numerical indicators.

You will get faster insight into the checklist data' status

  • Compose panels to display the business KPI's you want to control.
  • Download charts or entire panels into excel with all graphics displayed.
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Everywhere you go

No matter where you are.

You will receive reports, alerts, results and new checklist inquiries.

Analyze the progress. Have a look of checklist
planned, in progress, ready for QC or complete.

Available for computers and

Works On & Offline

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