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Sector/ Restaurants

Keep all the hot spots of
your cafeteria, restaurant
or franchise under control

In a restaurant establishment, multiple aspects must be controlled daily so that your customers have a positive experience.

Are you sure that all your procedures are followed?

Have you ever asked yourself questions like the following?

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If your answer is yes, we can help you.

The implementation of IRISTRACE as a capture tool for data analysis in your business will allow you to have a global vision of the most important aspects. Get a total optimization of your resources involving your entire team

How IRISTRACE works?

Three steps to start digitizing any process in your business

Step 1


A template of the process to be captured, with the questions or forms that must be answered for its correct execution

Step 2


The template to the users who will collect the data. These are converted into forms on the mobile phones of your team, suppliers, franchisees and subcontractors.

Step 3


The data perfectly consolidated and compiled in a dashboard and export the reports in Excel, Word or PDF formats. Connect with any BI application

Our success consultants will guide you throughout the process.

You have doubts? Not sure how to start?
We help you with our personalized customer service, where a specialized advisor will help you and your team to implement IRISTRACE in your company in a very short time.

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