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Facing the challenges caused by coronavirus,
are you too experiencing an overflow of messages and alerts from your team members?

We can help your team focus on the essential information and prioritize the actions

From 0 to productive use in a matter of minutes

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Simplified Patient Protocol for COVID19
at Hospital del Mar, Barcelona


With the high volume of cases, there is absolutely no time for complicated procedures. Everyone is busy providing life saving services to the flow of incoming patients and to the ones that are already  in stationary care.

Doctors need real time visibility of available beds and key patient stats across the entire hospital.

Iristrace has readied its platform to support healthcare professionals at the hospital to perform:

  • admission and assignment to an available bed
  • recording of the ventilation type
  • updates of the patient FiO2 and other key metrics 
  • transfer to another unit as soon as a bed becomes available
  • exit record

One platform
multiple uses that you can define yourself

Cleaning, hygiene, disinfection


Stock and validity of personal protection


Occupational Risk Prevention

Corrective and predictive maintenance

A simple checklist can save lives:
The Checklist Manifesto by Dr. Atul Gawande

Did you know that a simple 90 second checklist helped reduce the risk of post-surgery death and complications by more than a third, in eight hospitals around the world?

Checklist that was nothing else but a list of critical control points that needed to be verified so that none of them were missed or forgotten. 

Having implemented a 19 question long checklist in surgery, the author explains how post-operations complications were reduced by 35%, and death rates by a staggering 47%.

Digitize your processes
control the information flow
structure your data collection

If you are part of an organization that has colleagues working outside or within the premises of your customers, you will appreciate the instantly available information from the team, for example in facility management, maintenance, cleaning, transportation, catering, …  We help you establish the forms and processes that your team needs to accomplish their work with better safety.

We will help you turn the compliance data into valuable insight that will allow you to focus your resources and improve your processes as you start using the platform.

Forms, processes and action plans will allow you to build a process knowledge library over time that can be applied throughout your enterprise.

Which are the most used applications during the corona virus crisis?

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