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How to manage COVID patients more simply, as well as available Hospital Beds and Ventilators with Iristrace?

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11 May, 2020

With the Iristrace system, any doctor or member of the medical staff can easily review and update key patient data using a smartphone. The objective is to make the transmission of information easier and to minimise the administrative overhead especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

The main features are

  • Simplified admission protocol to an available bed
  • Triage procedure for COVID vs non-COVID patients
  • Capturing essential information about the patient and pre-conditions
  • Updating ventilation metrics such as FiO2, or PEEP/PPLAT regularly
  • Getting a real-time overview of each bed within the hospital
  • Checking whether all required analyses have been conducted
  • Managing the transfer to other units
  • Knowing which type of ventilator is in use by each patient and for how long
  • Understanding the duration of each stay
  • Simplified protocol for release and decease

Use Case: Hospital del Mar, Barcelona

With Iristrace we get an unprecedented visibility into our daily operations. Shift handovers are easier and well documented. We easily see all critical patient data right there on our phones and are able to allocate the available equipment faster to our patients.

Francisco Parilla, UCI

Working in close collaboration with the ICU of the Hospital del Mar, Iristrace has implemented a simplified form for patient data that serves as a basis for collaboration among healthcare professionals, documenting the condition and the treatment received by the patient.

Hospital del Mar features more than 400 beds, and has been extended to accommodate even more patients during the COVID outbreak.

  • Admission
  • Transfer
  • Type of ventilator used
  • FiO2 patient updates
  • Hourly key metrics
  • Transfers
  • Patient discharge

Iristrace is available to hospitals and temporary medical centres that want to optimise their work processes and use of their resources.

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