Mystery shopping - Audits, checklists, forms and control records for mystery shoppers

Manage your mystery shopping program end-to-end with Iristrace.

Plan, assign, and conduct the audits, consolidate the results, and review the findings with auditees to validate them - all in a single tool.

Reviewing and consolidating the data collected by all shoppers during a Mystery Client campaign is a time consuming and complicated task. With Iristrace you can unify the entire process with a single tool.

Your shoppers get triggered to perform the audit, using clearly structured checklists and instructions to find answers to your client’s pressing questions, allowing auditors to illustrate their findings by adding photos and comments from the site.

The flexibility of Iristrace gives you full control over the setup of each campaign depending on your client needs. Audit times and user id’s are not shared with auditees which helps keeping the mystery aspects of the campaign.

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mystery shopping with Iristrace

Are you sure that your staff knows the expected service standards?

Find out the real improvement potential to the service delivered today by checkign how service agents behave in front of a prospective client.

The experience at your stores directly relates to the brand reputation. The brand is so valuable that it is worth to check whether the brand promises are being delivered at your sites. With Iristrace, you will be able to simplify the process and get better assurance without adding more resources.

Your existing teams will have a chance to cover more control points within the same time.

Success in selling requires a good understanding of the client’s expressed and unexpressed needs, and following a well scripted phase model helps staff to achieve the highest possible success rate. Are you sure that the sales staff understands and applies the established procedures? Do they ask the right questions? Do they offer the adequate products and services at the right time?

Sales audits help you uncover missed potential and directly improve your bottom line through better followed processes.

No matter in which industry your client operates, the market undergoes rapid changes and your client will need to quickly adapt to these changes. This is where Iristrace can help you stay agile, as you can easily adapt and evolve your questionnaires as fast as your customers need to.

Improve your own client relations by giving them access to the platform so that they can see the mystery audits as soon as they have been performed and verified by a content quality control step in the process.

Millions of inspections conducted around the world

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