Mystery shopping - Audits, checklists, forms and control records for mystery shoppers

Manage your mystery shopping program end-to-end with Iristrace.

Plan, assign, and conduct the audits, consolidate the results, and review the findings with auditees to validate them - all in a single tool.

Reviewing and consolidating the data collected by all shoppers during a Mystery Client campaign is a time consuming and complicated task. With Iristrace you can unify the entire process with a single tool.

Your shoppers get triggered to perform the audit, using clearly structured checklists and instructions to find answers to your client’s pressing questions, allowing auditors to illustrate their findings by adding photos and comments from the site.

The flexibility of Iristrace gives you full control over the setup of each campaign depending on your client needs. Audit times and user id’s are not shared with auditees which helps keeping the mystery aspects of the campaign.

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