Download automatic audit reports, inspections or checklist

Many times, we know lots of Auditors, Heads of Quality, Consultants… that told us how much hours daily they spent writing all the data that they (or the team) have previously collect in paper.

Iristrace, easy and solves this task with a premise: “If a data has been collected once … Why have to write 2 times?”

The collection and discharge of final reports and ‘reports’ with Iristrace is infinitely simple , and we are going to detail here the steps. First, You must answer the checklist , and once completed, you must click on the export button , as shown in the picture:

This table below will appear and asks if you want a PDF document or a word or excel format.

Obtener informes autom�ticos de auditor�a, inspecciones o checklist

In addition, you can customize your report , and decide if you want the headers and footers displayed, images, comments, confidentiality clauses … Once you have selected the data you want show, You have two options :

  1. Export and download it to the device (computer, tablet or smartphone)
  2. Send it to the email address you want, plus you can save it directly to dropbox and drive. At ’On demand’ accounts you can sign with digital signature by esignabox (InDenova).

Obtener informes autom�ticos de auditor�a, inspecciones o checklist

Now that you know one of the main advantages of Iristrace … Are you sure you want to continue making your checks on paper and then repeat all the data to the computer? Have your reports circuit of Audit checklist, inspections or with a single click . In addition, we leave this HACCP report as an example , an audit you can download directly from our Marketplace on the app, available for you to start using it.

Create your free account here and start saving time on your checks.

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