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Innoporc is a family run business, with more than 40 years of experience in pig farming. It currently runs 20 production centers and a compound feed factory located in Segovia (Spain).

Innoporc has developed a series of processes and templates adapted 100% to the management of pig farms, allowing to fully digitalize all the procedures via the Iristrace mobile application.

With those best practice templates and processes, Innoporc is able to get a 360° view of their livestock with vasts amount of data captured by staff in their production centers on a continuous basis. The templates allow Innoporc to detect patterns, make predictions and take proactive decisions in order to work more efficiently and become more competitive.

One of the objectives we were looking for with Iristrace was to have a series of ‘checklists’ in which all processes are defined from the moment you enter to the moment you leave the production centers. In return we are able to capture and analyze the results of the daily activity, in a quantitative and qualitative (above all quantitative) way, allowing us to generate statistical data and behavioral patterns in a later stage in the analysis.

In addition to these initial ‘checklists’, other functions were added such as questionnaires for carrying out our internal and external audits; evaluation of our personnel selection processes between trainer/ trainee and trainee/trainer; management of all incidents in the production centers and a long list of other processes. More are being added to the system today. In addition, the introduction of the software has allowed us to monitor in real-time the management of the sub-products for the fertilization of the crops in our fields.

All of the information extracted from Iristrace is matched with the rest of our databases, both the production related databases and the databases containing data from sensors implemented in the centers. In addition, we capture external factors that affect production.

Miguel Antona, Innoporc’s CEO

Innoporc appeared in the magazine Alimentos del Futuro, published by VITARTIS (Association of the Food Industry of Castilla y León) explaining how they use Iristrace within their “Checkpig” intiative. Checkpig bundles the Iristrace software + Innoporc best practice procedures templates, which can be purchased from Innoporc. The article is available using the following link (page 80).

Also available are our Iristrace talks, in which Miguel Antona, CEO of Innoporc shares his vision of the future of livestock farming. You can listen to the podcast in Spanish directly here:

If you want to know first-hand how Iristrace could help you with your own use case, please schedule a meeting with our Success Consultants directly here:

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