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The holidays are a crucial time for retailers.

Many the retailers have prepared their stores for Christmas to improve sales through knowledge of customer behavior these days. To help you as a retailer to achieve your goals, we have selected some key tips that will increase your options.

Observe your customers

These days the traffic in your store will have increased. It is time to observe, to collect data about what they do, which area of the store has more engagement and why. The next questions will help you to know the customer behavior and further to classify the kind of shopper in your store.

  •  Which sections have more traffic?
  • Who has bought more products? Men or women?
  • What do they do? Do they touch the products? Do they hold the product on their hands for a few seconds?
  • Do you have impulsive buyers? How do they behave? Does the customer make their decisions based on the price and discount?

Take advantage of all this knowledge and try to get more information about these customers, for example, a contact email so you can continue to sell to them after the holidays. Try to minimize out-of-stocks and maximize the in-store opportunity.

Identify the Impulsive Buyers

A lot of shoppers tend to become impulsive buyers during the holiday season. This is an opportunity because you can create complementary purchases in your store by setting some group of items together. Remember to use the knowledge and organize the products to make easier the decision to the client.

What about after Holidays?

In December you have raised your sales, it is great, but remember that in January the retail sales tend to slow down. After holidays, you need to be proactive and try by different ways to stop the slowdown. One of the things that customer loves could be a gift card of your store. This guarantees you’ll get foot traffic after the holidays and having a chance to upsell the customers once they’re in the store.

Remember that you can create checklist to maintain great customer experience in your retail stores with Iristrace. Know the parts of the store that better meet your goals.

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