Iristrace new update: web, ios & Android apps

We have started 2015 launching new features. We have incorporated new features to our web version as well to the iOS and Android application.


Firstly, you are going to be able to fully customize your labels (tags) for a checklist or department with colors. You can fill in each tag with different colors.

In addition, you will be able to customize Iristrace according to your necessities. From now on you will be able to rename the Departments section from your personal profile and change it according to your company structure. For example clients, sections, machines, audits.

Iristrace new update: web, ios & Android apps

In this case we have changed it to Clients and here you can see a preview on how it would be in your Iristrace dashboard.

Iristrace new update: web, ios & Android apps

Another great feature is the shortcut preview of all the assessed checklists of all departments or clients. We provided you this to give you control and access to quickly look on your checklist without opening the report.

ver a simple vista la nota de un checklist valorado

IOS and Android Versions

The new updates for the mobile versions of Iristrace are the following:
We have solved one issue that a lot of customers were facing with the mobile checklists. The problem occurred when a checklist had too many questions and it was annoying to scroll down every time. We like to please our customers so we introduced two options to solve that problem.

  1. 1. You can answer your checklist [1×1] each question will open one by one with your timing underneath. You will have options of two arrows to move forward and backward.
  2. 2. Answer you checklists as usual but folding and unfolding your categories or sections to easily move forward or backward.

Versiones iOS y Android de Iristrace

Versiones iOS y Android de Iristrace

As you see we are continuously updating Iristrace according to our customers demands. In a few days we will surprise you with new features that would be very interesting for audits and quality controls.
Stay tuned for the new updates!

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