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The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture (Magrama) is developing the Law on Food Quality. The Law that puts in common all the rules from the different autonomies and fill the current legal vacuum with a general rule for all the Spanish territory.

Currently, we have the Food Chain Law which came into force on January the 1st, but thanks to this new law on food qualitywe will put in common all the interests of producers,

distributors and large industries. With this new law, it will update all the rules, establishing a common framework with a same control conditions, all coordinated with the new policy table uniform quality statewide.

Miguel Arias Caete, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, talked about this new legislation based on some basic standards for the operation of markets with the same guidelines for all regions.

The Ministry has stated a coordinating role to “control programs in a systematic way so as to ensure that the products coming to the markets satisfy the quality that the consumers expect“. And here is where Iristrace has the solution for all small producers and the Auditors and Consultantsof large Food Companies that also have to pass these daily checks.

With Iristrace, we have the perfect tool to make any kind of control for Official Rules and processes through personalized Checklistaccording to the needs of each user.

HACCP Control: Pest Control, Water Plan, Checks cleaning …, Q for Quality, ISO Standards, Preventive Maintenance of equipment, quality controls of reception and output of products … Definitely, a great softwarte to fulfill the law of the easiest way on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Spanish newspaper: El Pas

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