Improving customer experience in Hotels

The experience that users have when they purchase a product or service are crucial in order to repeat the purchase with the same company. If the service is excellent and has been up to their expectations, the customer will decide not only repeat, but will speak wonders of it and recommend the brand. Therefore,  the ongoing work on improving customer experiences is essential in all sectors.

Focusing in the hospitality sector, we observe a huge offer and demand of hotels and thousands of different ways to booking our room, being able to observe pictures of the hotel, users opinions, the hotel services… all of this will help the user to decide which hotel is best for their needs and also in which one the experience will be better.

How can we improve customer experience?

Control the expectations of the customers is impossible, in fact, it is normal that the expectations do not match with the reality. Hotels must focus to improve the quality controls in order keep the highest level of expectation to all the customers.

Aiming to reach the service excellence, all hotels should have a full control of all the departments such as; restaurant, rooms, cleaning, laundry, staff… The problem appears when there are thousands of rooms and guests. The quality control of all the areas must be exhaustive, conscientious, and takes too much time to the company.

This workflow is an extremely complex work to control because in the most cases the quality Manager does not make the verifications and employees are the responsible to do it. Those employees have to check the rooms and prepare them for next guests and sometimes they do not have enough time to send a report to the Quality Manager, incurring a loss of data and feedback in order to improve the quality controls.

With the purpose of helping the brand to deliver on their promise, Iristrace helps the hotels to achieve the guests expectations saving time, managing risk, improving quality, creating reports and have a dashboard with all the data to get a faster feedback and automate the process.

benefits of improve customer experience

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