5 new permissions. Better control and management for your audits.
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5 new permissions. Better control and management for inspections and audits.

Elena Mariel

Elena Mariel

Senior Success Consultant for hospitality & retail

11 June, 2018

New permissions on the horizon. Soon, we will enlarge Iristrace permission list. What for? So you get greater control and better management in your inspections, audits and daily work reports. Sounds good, doesn´t it?

These new permissions, general and state permissions, are related to departments, templates and checklists. Let’s go through these new options one by one?

New permissions in Iristrace

1. View department permission

With this general permission enabled, users will be able to see:

  • all department checklists
  • sub-departments
  • calendar
  • pictures
  • documents

This feature will allow you to have much more control over departments.

2. New permissions to see and manage templates

We have also added two new general permissions in templates. Very similar permissions to the ones we have in the departments area.
The view template permission authorizes the user to:
  • show all the questions in the template (but not edit them)
  • download empty templates to an Excel spreadsheet or to a PDF document

The manage template permission allows you to:

  • create, modify, archive and duplicate templates
Thanks to these two options, users’ competences will be filtered more comfortably. Moreover, from now on, any accidental modification of templates might be much more easily avoided.

3. New permissions to start and duplicate checklists

And, of course, we also bring updates for our beloved checklists. We’ve developed two new permissions related to them.

The start checklist permission, as its name suggests, will enable or not users to start a checklist.

On the other hand, the duplicate checklist permission, the only one by states of the five new permissions, prevents users from duplicating a checklist by mistake.

Updates in checklists permissions

What do you think of all these improvements? If you need any further details about these 5 new permissions, please tell your Success Consultant or Iristrace contact person. We will be happy to explain all this news.


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