How to ensure the best quality management in the hotel industry

Iristrace, hotel quality management

1. Provide an excellent customer service is your best selling argument

Imagine you manage a hotel which has dozens of rooms. Imagine you are a hotel manager who is responsible for a hotel chain which has hotels located in different cities or, even, in several countries. In any of these situations, the reputation of your hotel is one of the most important aspects in your daily working activities. Ensuring the quality management of your hotel chain is essential for you. The excellent customer service you provide is your best selling argument. But, the question would be: do you control your hotel quality processes efficiently? Are you improving the hotel quality of your business? How do you collect data quality procedures? Do you take pictures? Do you get information in real time.

2. Get a flawless customer experience

Being faster than TripAdvisor is possible. In fact, you can make sure your customers always get the same level of excellence from the staff, although they stay in different seasons and times in any hotel of your chain. Clients deserve an excellent first impression and you only have one chance to achieve it. Would you like to know if the welcome message and the way in which customers are received are identical in each hotel? It’s very difficult to get your team working in a coordinated way, particularly in periods of high turnover, fulfilling the quality indicators are established by the company management at the same time. The costumer experience has to be perfect even before they check in.

Iristrace ensure quality and perfect management at your hotel

With Iristrace you will be able to know in real time that your team is organized and working in order to get the quality service customers are expecting. Our software is the tool that will help you on the digital transformation journey of your organisation. You will have a complete and real vision about levels of excellence you offer at your hotel day by day. In addition, with Iristrace you’ll save money and time in your data collection processes and will be able to:

  • simply configure forms and checklists yourself, without any IT knowledge
  • store all the data securely in the cloud and show the results in many different formats or export them to your favourite Office tools or Business Intelligence environments
  • see and follow your data collection process in real time
  • manage incidents and solve them immediately by means of a personalized notification system
  • add pictures and comments to any answer you give to get a visual proof as well as valuable additional information.

Would you like to know how Iristrace really works? Don’t hesitate to reach us and we will be pleased to listen to you.

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