Keatz & Iristrace. Food safety inspection checklists for virtual restaurants

Food safety inspection checklists for the first global virtual restaurant chain. That’s to say, HACCP checklist for restaurants that only exist on the Internet.

We are talking about Keatz, formerly known as GuruCollective. The first global ‘ghost’ chain of restaurants in Europe. Digital restaurants that opened in Germany in 2016, and now land in Spain.
They perform food safety inspection checklists with Iristrace by using a mobile device to control the HACCP system of their virtual or ‘ghost’ kitchens.

Keatz, welcome aboard!

Perform food safety inspection checklists with Iristrace

Keatz, the first virtual restaurants that only sells through food delivery platforms

This is the first virtual chain of restaurants in Europe. And, unlike traditional restaurants, it does not offer any seating area or pickup services to customers.

A new business model which sells its products exclusively through local food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Delivery Hero, UberEats and Glovo.

Keatz, which has three virtual restaurants in Berlin, is expanding throughout Europe.

Spain is the first country where they land after Germany. They already have a kitchen in Barcelona and they will open two more in Madrid. But the plans include brand new kitchens in other European capitals such as Paris, Lisbon and Amsterdam.

It seems that home or office delivery works very well in large cosmopolitan cities.

They operate a portfolio of 10 different delivery-only food brands. GreenGurus, EarlsDeli, Convoy Burger or BeyondPizza are the names of some of them.

Food brands from salads, pizzas, burritos, burgers to thai curries. Different sort of food which is prepared in local, highly automated assembly kitchens, also known as ‘ghost’​ or ‘virtual’ kitchens.

They have menu, just like the traditional restaurants. The menu is available on the web. But there are no chairs or tables to sit down to eat. A pickup service for their clients, neither. Unlike classic restaurants, Keatz’s only exist on the internet.

This ghost restaurant phenomenon does not only exist in Europe. In the United States, Green Summit Group is also looking to revolutionize food processing and design in cities such as New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

On the other hand, statistics show that food delivery continues growing at annual rates of more than 25%.

Food safety inspection checklists: Keatz and Iristrace

Iristrace will help Keatz to perform cleaning audits and food safety inspection checklists in all its virtual restaurants.

How can this be done? Using everyone’s mobile devices and involving the whole team in the data collection, incidents management and quality procedures.

These digital restaurants are not open to the public. However, this does not mean that you do not have to be close to your customers while offering an excellent service.

So, if you are in the food and beverage industry or looking to improve food safety, inspection checklists can help you to improve your food safety and hygiene practices.

In addition, in the food delivery business, paying attention to customer order notes is also essential. Orders should pass a food packing inspection checklist.

Do you know why? Because when dishes are specially cooked for delivery, they must be at the optimum point for eating.

Using a mobile phone or tablet, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution enables companies to better manage their operational and quality processes.

Use cases in restaurant or brand franchises

These are some of the use cases of use within the restaurante franchise industry:

  • Food Safety Inspection Checklists
  • HACCP Food Safety Checklist
  • Checklist for personal hygiene practices of food handlers
  • Kitchen Hygiene Audits
  • Brand Audit for restaurant franchises
  • Food Quality Assurance Checklists
  • Cleaning Checklists
  • Mystery Audits

It is a priority to verify compliance with quality standards. Whether it’s a restaurant franchise or a network of modern virtual restaurants that only serve online.

And platforms like Iristrace help to carry out this verification and facilitate the auditors’ work. So, corrective actions can be tracked and future problems can be prevented.

All global surveys on new technologies ensure that the digitization of businesses is essential for growth. We work to be experts in these digital transformation procedures.

So, if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to request a demo or a free trial. We’ll be happy to help you.

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