Why working with Iristrace means supporting sustainable development

Supporting sustainable development is an increasingly common policy among companies. Chains of hotels and supermarkets, hospitals, car dealerships, banks, big food and telephone companies are promoting their own campaigns to reduce paper consumption. These good sustainability practices are part of a trend that has been called “paperless office” or “zero paper strategy”.

Both concepts are related to the gradual reduction of the use of paper in offices. And how is this done? Replacing physical documents with electronic devices. On this sense, working with a digital tool like Iristrace would mean supporting sustainable development and achieving the well-known corporate social responsibility.

Support sustainability | Iristrace

What does your company do for supporting sustainable development?

Carrefour and Ilunion Hotels are supporting a sustainability policy. Both know what it is to apply a sustainable development and a policy of zero paper. This idea was pointed out by Pablo Fernández-Montes, responsible for process optimization in Carrefour, when we asked him about the benefits of using Iristrace app. “Its use is allowing us to promote our zero-paper strategy,” he said.

Embrace new technologies means choosing an alternative to using paper in your company. Why? Because using smartphones or tablets to perform a quality or brand audit means having data better stored and easier to analyze. Although it also involves incorporating a sustainability policy in your hotel, supermarket, factory, car dealership or hospital by reducing the consumption of paper.

“Thanks to Iristrace we have eliminated the amount of paper we needed to perform data collection when doing audits. So far, it was necessary to take the printed data sheet to each audit or, at least, to use sheets of paper to carry out that task”, Coro Ruíz Santamaría, responsible for sustainability at Ilunion Hotels, says.

Another great advantage is that you will need less storage space. And, more importantly, you will also get better access to real-time information.

Introduce a sustainability policy and minimize the environmental impact

Using less paper offers more advantages than disadvantages. Among positive points, we can highlight reduction of costs and time. But it also means an increase in productivity and efficiency when performing daily tasks.

Audits, data collections and revisions carried out in supermarkets, hotels or in dairy and meat packing industries are usually done on paper. And do not forget that after filing documents, additional copies are usually required to be distributed between the different departments afterwards. Are these words familiar to you?

On the other side of this reality,”zero-paper offices” have emerged. Places where document duplication is eliminated, where it is very quick to find data and where the environmental impact is minimized since “less resources are used, either in storage, in documentation management or in the communication of information”, Coro Ruiz adds.

All global surveys on new technologies affirm that business digitization is imperative for growth. We work to be experts in these digital transformation processes. So, if you have any questions or comments about supporting sustainable development strategies in your company, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to talk to you.

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