Panishop and Iristrace. Tradition and digital transformation. Better together

Tradition. Innovation. Development. Research. Digital transformation from the inside. Better together.

Panishop, welcome aboard!

Panishop, bakery franchises with Iristrace

Panishop, a pioneering company in R+D

It’s one of the bakery industry leaders in Spain. Master bakers since 1902, the Rébola family keeps the same baking tradition since then.

Recipes created and preserved for more than 100 years but which are combined with a research and development philosophy.

This bakery franchises has nearly 40 shops. Bakeries which are spread between Zaragoza (where the largest number of shops is located), Huesca, Madrid and Catalonia.

Among the different products they offer, the “Slow Baking” Bread stands out. Made with farmed sourdough and prepared under the concept of healthy bread, this kind of bread is free of additives and much more digestive.

Panishop is a pioneering company in the bakery industry.

They achieved for the first time the ‘No additives’ label for its “Slow Baking” Bread. An important quality and food safety award. Concept that has a lot to do with the ‘slow food’ movement.

Panishop and Iristrace walk together

Iristrace will accompany Panishop in the daily management of its audits, reports, checklists, and quality and safety inspections.

Iristrace’s mission is to optimize the way in which teams collect, consolidate and analyse data.

How can this be done?

Using everyone’s mobile devices and involving the whole team in the data collection, incidents management, compliance, quality procedures, repair orders or service excellence.

Iristrace simplifies governance and risk processes by bringing the digital transformation to the front lines.

Using a mobile phone or tablet, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution enables companies to better manage their operational and quality processes, as well as their suppliers’ management.

Use cases for bakery franchises

These are some of the use cases of use within the bakeries franchises industry:

  • Brand Audit Checklists
  • Store Audit Checklists
  • HACCP Audit Checklist
  • Incident management Checklist by a personalised notification system
  • Food Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Quality Control Inspection Checklist
  • Bakery Equipment Maintenance Checklist
  • Safety inspection Checklist for storage areas
  • Employee Evaluation Checklist
  • Safety Inspection Form
  • Mystery Shoper Audits

All global surveys on new technologies ensure that the digitization of businesses is essential for growth. We work to be experts in these digital transformation procedures.

So, if you have any questions, don´t hesitate to request a demo or a free trial. We’ll be happy to help you.

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